Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sorry late update

You know what's stupid ? My friend.

So in class I was with friend A and friend B

Friend A, he is just so stupid and so sensitive, I mean I know guys is sensitive but this.. I was just asking my other friend, Friend B to not play his iPad while we are in class, and my other friend, Friend A thought it was him.

And Urgh it just totally ruined my whole day ! That freaking preppy guy !

And I just found out that Friend B have a crush at me. Baah I dont do relationship sorry...


I''m like in the mood for black, I don't know why but I'm wearing a black sweater and a black shorts.

And I watched Catching Fire the other day and I cried through the whole movie so many people died and urgh I hate President Snow !

That was it, Swabba-Jabbers.


The Anonymous

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I know I haven't been posting for mmhh *counting fingers* I don't know. And I'm sorry hell ay I mean school have been giving me all this stress.

Today's topic is..... wait for it.....

Cody Simpson ! I absolutely love him ! He is like so much better than Justin Bieber, I'm sorry biebz...

I don't know why I love Cody more than Justin, oh maybe because his new song is just, I'm sorry to say, is just not him, you know ? I don't say I hate Justin its just he have changed a lot, don't you think so ?

Cody's 'La Da Dee' > Justin's 'Lollipop'

I am truly sorry for saying that, beliebers but I'm just more to Simpsonizer BAHAHA #hatersmayhate

My current favorite song of Cody's is

Valentine. Why ? Is just nice to hear... Gosh I think I'm addicted to it. More than I'm addicted to Dylan. I'm sorry babe :( *rubs my laptop*

That was it, Swabbajabbers

I just realize I apologize so many times in this post...nyeh who cares.


The Anonymous

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I officially hate everyone... when they pass by, I'll be like f*k you ! (excuse the word) I guess that's just it... I have nothing else to say... My mind right now is just trying to screw me !

That's just it, Swabba-Jabbers


The Anonymous

Monday, November 11, 2013


I have to be honest with you, I hate school. Not because of the subjects, but because of the people in it. Some will go 'I'm the boss here and I'm going to rambles about my problem to all of you'

this kind of people is who I hate the most and I have like 4 people like that in my school and they ramble about their problem, and I will be like slow your tits man. I mean like in school nobody cares about your personal problem. 

and some will go 'I'm shy please leave me alone' 

Which yea, they are just quite and will stay in the very corner, good thing, I dont have that kind of people in my school 

and others will just go 'I don't care about this shit' 

That kind of people is just the carefree, and they dont share their personal problem to others. 

Me? I'm part of the 'I don't care about this shit' cause like honestly who the hell cares about their problem. 

So yea that is the one thing, I hate in school the bitches, the man-whores, and the jerks. 

That was it, Swabba-Jabbers❤

Until next time...


The Anonymous❤

Sunday, November 10, 2013


So today I help my mom clean up her fine-looking room, it was fine before, but then she said, 

This room is such a mess

Sometimes I would hate cleaning up with her, cause she will probably blow up, but this time she didn't, instead we just laugh, and talk about my soon-to-be-career hahaha 

I will move room, I have move room three times in the past 6 months. why ? because my mom keep on accepting guess so yea. While cleaning up my mom's room I found a 4 GB USB Drive and a new string for my guitar. 

I named my laptop, Dylan. And I will be marrying him soon, when I'm old enough. Because I'm too pretty and high level for the boys out there....*note the sarcasm*  

That was it, Swabba-Jabber

 Until next time....


The Anonymous♥

Embarrassing moments (part 1)

Okay this will just go straight out *inhale* *exhale*

While I was doing laundry before, I needed to go pee, but I said to myself. 

Just wait, laundry is a 5 second thing

So I did wait, but then, I.... gosh this is so embarrassing, 

I peed in my pants, yes I admit it. 

So I will be posting more embarrassing things about me here. 

Why? Cause I have no life :) 

That was it, Swabba-Jabbers♥

Until next time....


The Anonymous♥  

Desperate Of My Presence

If I could say that I was brutally murdered, I would be lying, which I don't do much. That is one fact about me, I don't lie. Honestly I don't tolerate lying, but if it's really urgent I lie. (sneaky, I know)

Last week, my idiot, cocky, but cute best friend and also he is my ex-boyfriend was acting desperate for my presence.

Let's just put it that way hahaha

 He was playing something in his laptop with my brother at my house, and he ask me to sit with him, to watch him play, so I did sit beside him. Then I went to the kitchen and eat, when I went back he lose, he lose over my brother. I was like complaining. 

Why did you lose over that stupid brother of mine ?

I'm so sorry, I disappoint you, I'm really really sorry

I was actually kidding, but then he ask me to sit beside him again, I did. I eat my bread and sit beside him, watching him lose to my selfish brother. 

Don't you dare lose again?

But then I spoke too soon, he was already losing. I stand up and just walk away, and he was like.

I'm sorry, come back, come back be here

He quoted Taylor Swift. I look back and we both laugh our ass off.       

I can't believe you quoted Taylor Swift song

Deal with it, sucker

That was it, Swabba-Jabbers

Until Next Time. 


The Anonymous♥

Teenage these days

My first post sucks, don't you guys think so ? 
I couldn't sleep so I wrote this...

I am probably one of those socially awkward girls, that's why I made this blog. I only speak with 5 - 10 people in two weeks. I was writing this when I heard my brother's room door open, I quickly close my laptop, hide it under my blanket and pretended to sleep. But then I waited for seconds and there is no sign that he is coming to my room so I took my laptop and continue writing this. 

It's actually midnight here, in where I live, and I think my parents just went home, I'm typing this real slow cause I don't want to get caught sleeping late.

Okay I have some opinions about teenagers and their phones these days. 

"Oh my gosh, Where is my phone, I can't live without 'em"

Bear with me people, I mean isn't that exaggerating ? I once use phone, once. I was bored with phones so I trade it with my laptop. You might be thinking. 

"Who would trade cellphones with laptop?"

Well, I would. But my mom flipped because I don't have phone. Me + not having phones = no calls from my mom, asking where I am. So my mom is going to buy me a new one. 

Honestly I hate phone. Well, I don't really hate phones, I just have no friend to text me. That is how socially awkward I am. Pitiful, I know. 

That was my opinion on teenage who got addicted with their phones. 

Comment if you agree or disagree..

Until Next Time, Swabba-Jabbers♥ (p.s. I just come up with the name for you guys, my true stalkers, 'Swabba-Jabbers') 


The Anonymous


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dear Readers, 

This will be my first post ever... Let's start with what I did today. 

So this morning, I went hangout with my friends, I came to meeting point first but there is nobody there, and I thought to myself. 

Oh great, they just ditched me. 

But I wasn't planning to go home yet, cause I have no strong connections at home, so I stayed there for quite a while. As time passes me by (so exaggerating), one of my friends finally came, they got stuck in the traffic. Poor them. 

When we were finish hanging out, we went to my friend's house, sadly we need to walk. It wasn't far. Scratch that it was far, like really far, okay maybe not that far. As we were walking, my bag was slowly killing me. I asked my friend to carry it, and he did. Awesome right ? haha

Yea, that is the only fun part of my day today. 

Until next time ♥


The Anonymous.